19 Oct Autumn Beauty and Where to See it!

“Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year and our country offers a spectacular show of fall foliage with bright displays of gold, scarlet, and orange,” says Lauren Himiak, an expert in national and state parks. [1] 7


During the summer, leaves are green, because strong sunlight stimulates chlorophyll production. In the fall, when sunlight wanes and temperatures fall, the flow of nutrients to the leaves is interrupted. Production of the green chlorophyll declines, and the natural carotenes and anthocyanins in the leaves predominate, making them mostly yellow and red. [2]

Though red, yellow, and brown are the most common colors for autumn leaves, in some species of trees the leaves can also turn purple, black, pink, magenta, and blue.


“[When] autumn is in full swing here in the northern U.S., the colors are spectacular,” says writer Molly Larkin. “They are also a wonderful reminder of the circle of life, the passing of time, and how the earth always renews itself.” [3]


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Perhaps the most famous destination for viewing fall foliage is the Berkshires in Massachusetts. [4] The site www.berkshire.com advises, “Peak foliage time in the Berkshires is usually around the first week in October, so hop in the car for an unforgettable fall foliage experience with leaves all shades of red and golden.”

Best route: Travel north along Route 7 from Sheffield to Williamstown. Another popular drive is along Route 2 through the scenic Mohawk Trail. Best time for fall foliage viewing: late September through mid-October.


Aside from autumn leaves, there is plenty to do and see in the Berkshires including orchards, farms, wineries, and breweries. During the summer, the Berkshires are home to the world-renowned Tanglewood music festival.


North of Massachusetts, Maine also offers a spectacular viewing of autumn leaves in bracing cold weather. The Maine Tourism Association boasts, “There is no better place to be for fall leaf peeping than in Maine.


“The melting of hues of leaves from green, to yellow, to burnt orange and crimson begins as early as mid-September in Fort Kent in northern Maine, and as late as Halloween in Kittery, at Maine’s southern tip.”


Another northeastern state with spectacular fall foliage is Vermont. While the peak foliage viewing often occurs in October, early fall frosts can turn the maple leaves brilliant red and orange in late September. [5]


While you can get a great view of colorful autumn leaves during your drive, stopping to walk in the woods gives you a more close-up look. National parks are an especially good venue for seeing a spectacular variety of trees and leaves.leaves and coffee

Part of the pleasure of traveling to see the autumn leaves, an activity some call “leaf peeping,” is to enjoy

the quaint villages, towns, and cities along the way. Many celebrate the fall and the coming of Halloween with pumpkin and apple picking, homemade donuts and apple cider, and displays of ghosts, goblins, and other Halloween icons.

Check area hotels, such as the Kimpton Taconic Hotel in Manchester, Vermont, as many offer vacation packages centered on fall foliage peeping. [6] In the Pocono Mountains, activities during the fall leaf season include mountainside hayrides, fall festivals, nature walks, camping, boating, and train rides. [7]


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