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Direct Booking Proceedures
Direct Booking Procedures

Individual Cruise and Vacation Package Reservations Only


Individual Booking Procedures

If you book an individual Cruise or a Vacation Package directly with a Vendor, via phone or by using the Vendor’s website as an Independent Travel Agent you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the booking according to your clients request, notifying your client of all payment dates, following up to ensure payments are being made to the vendor according to the dates they have provided and communicating the confirmed reservation information to your client.  In addition please be sure to follow the below procedures to ensure that your travel reservation is processed properly and you receive your commission.


When making a reservation Direct with a vendor or using your ResMax Travel Website.  You should obtain the following information from your client before you start your research.

  • Full legal names of each passenger traveling as they appear on their passport or government issued ID
  • Date of Birth for each passenger or Age of each passenger.
  • Mailing address
  • Billing address
  • Form of payment
  • Email
  • Phone Contact


Having this information prior to starting your research will allow you to place a courtesy hold on a reservation if needed.  This occurs often because you may be getting a price where there is limited space and placing a courtesy hold will allow you to secure the reservation and pricing for a time period to be determined by the vendor.


Contacting the Vendor

Confirm your reservation under Global Travel International, Inc.

When booking travel directly with a Vendor, please provide the Vendor with the following information:


  • Name of the Agency: Global Travel International, Inc.
  • Agency Booking Code (CLIA/ARC#): This is the 8-digit number found on your GTI Agent ID card, beginning with a “106”.
  • Phone Number: 407-660-7800
  • Agency Address (if required): 1060 Maitland Center Commons Ste 305 Maitland FL 32751.
  • Once you have completed your booking and have made payment which can be a deposit of full Gross Payment. Email the vendor confirmation with the below information to
    • Confirmation Number
    • Type of Travel
    • Travel Vendor
    • Dates of Travel
    • Names of the Passengers Traveling
    • Amount of Deposit
    • Total Trip cost
    • Your GTI PIN Number


Service on Your Reservation

Once your reservation has been verified and confirmed in GTI’s system, you may contact our Travel Service Department with questions, upgrade requests, or itinerary changes. The Travel Service Department may be contacted by email at or by phone at (800) 270-3007.

If you have already confirmed your reservation with the Vendor and have not provided any of the information above, you must contact the Vendor and provide them with the required information. Then, please request that the Vendor release the reservation to Global Travel International so our in-house staff can service the booking and your commission can be properly processed.

In some cases, the Vendor may require that a request to release a booking be in writing and faxed to them. Some Vendors will not release a booking to a travel agency if it is already paid in full. So it’s best to provide the Vendor with the correct information when you initially confirm the reservation.


Please keep Global Travel International informed

GTI receives fax confirmations, travel documents, and even commission checks from Vendors on a daily basis. Frequently, these items are received for reservations we are not aware of.

Often the information received does not provide enough information to identify the Independent Travel Agent that the reservation belongs to. This makes it difficult to service the reservation (answering questions, mailing documents) and impossible to process commission for the reservation.

The inability to identify the GTI Agent also makes it difficult to verify the pricing, payments, and commissions to ensure you or your clients are receiving GTI’s negotiated prices.


Making Payments

When making a direct booking, you can apply payment directly with the travel Vendor using your clients credit card.  At no time should you use yoru own credit card to make payment on a reservation for a client.  You have the choice to pay a deposit (if the option is available), contact GTI, and we can arrange to assist with the Final Payment, or you can pay for the reservation in full at the time of booking. Be sure you pay the Full Gross Amount Due. If you are applying payment with a vendor, you are then are agreeing on behalf of your client to abide by the terms and conditions imposed with respect to your client’s reservations.

The preferred method of payment for travel reservations is by credit card. A debit card is acceptable for payment but many have limit restrictions. Your clients may need to notify their bank to get them to approve the amount of purchase. You can always put the deposit on one credit card and make final payment with a different credit card and as stated above the credit card used must be that of the passengers traveling. If you want to put either the deposit or final payment on more than one card, you would need to contact GTI or the travel Vendor directly to assist with this process.

Be advised that the charge for your client’s travel will be listed as coming from the travel vendor (the cruise line, tour vendor, hotel, car, or airline that is providing the service) as that is who is processing the charge on the credit card. Your client’s travel confirmation will be sent out via e-mail. If your client does not have e-mail capabilities, the travel confirmation will be sent regular mail via the US Post. The invoice your client receives will indicate the actual final payment date for their trip.


Call Center, Processing, and Cancellation Fees

GTI assesses the following fees for travel reservations:

  • Processing Fee of $19.95 on all individual travel reservations booked with the GTI call center.
  • Processing fee of 75.00 for Group Travel Reservations which would be 8 or more cruise cabins booked as a Group or 10 or more rooms booked through a Vacation Package provider as a Group.


Any cancellations on deposited or paid in full reservations will result in a cancellation fee of $50.00 per reservation.  This fee will be in addition to any cancellation penalties or fees assessed by the travel supplier.


The Terms of the Membership Agreement

According to GTI’s Membership Agreement, GTI Agents receive a share of the commission after travel is completed. GTI requires that the full gross amount be paid on all bookings. Once travel is complete, and the commission payment is received from the supplier, GTI will process your applicable commission payment for the booking.

A travel supplier may quote a “Travel Agent Rate” or a “Net Rate”, which is the travel amount net of commission. GTI Agents are not permitted to book these rates without the prior expressed consent of GTI. If a “Net” booking is made (without commission), GTI will be notified by the travel supplier. If the booking was not authorized by GTI at that rate, GTI will show this amount as a balance due on your booking.


Group Bookings

Group Bookings must be processed by our Reservation Centers Group Department.

For Group Bookings please call 1-866-332-8091


Definition of Group Bookings:

Cruise = 8 or more cabins traveling together on the same sailing

Vacation Package = Hotel + Air 10 or more rooms traveling together to the same destination


Group Processing Fees vary and will be disclosed at the time of reservation.

Cancellations of travel arrangements must be processed through the GTI Travel Reservation Center prior to the scheduled departure date. Any cancellations on deposited or paid in full reservations will result in a cancellation fee of $50.00 per reservation. This fee will be in addition to any cancellation penalties or fees assessed by the travel supplier. All fees are charged on a one time, non-refundable basis.