Getting paid

Let’s face it, you probably want to get into this business to make money, right? Well, the amount of money you earn is completely up to you. With our simple step-by-step program, you have unlimited earning potential.

Simply direct your friends, family, and clients to your own personal website, powered by GT’s Online Reservation Center. You’ll receive commission on every cruise, vacation package, hotel stay, car rental, and travel insurance policy that you bring to us, and on which GT receives a commission.

Any successful salesperson will tell you that if you believe in what you sell, the job is much, much easier. You need to be familiar with your product and knowledgeable about the business if you are to come across as the expert your clients need and expect. And remember, your clients are from your “circle of influence,” so they may already know and trust you. The hard part is out of the way! Also, if you know any groups that either currently travel together or may want to in the future, at your suggestion…We have great news for you: The real money is in group travel. Just think about how your profits multiply with each additional group member who decides to take that trip!

GT rewards your achievements as an Independent Travel Agent. The more TRAVEL you sell, the more commission you earn! You can earn bonus commissions from GT and our preferred suppliers. Bonus commission opportunities are made available from time to time and can be viewed in your newsletter.

Two Ways to Get Paid:

  • Travel Sales Commissions – Earn commissions on the travel you book for yourself and your clients!
  • Quick Cash Bonuses – Refer a new Member to GT, and get a Quick Cash Bonus.