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Media Coverage About Becoming a Travel Agent

Global Travel International’s growth has been explosive! We’ve helped thousands of individuals realize their dreams of becoming travel agents. Our success has been recognized in national print and broadcast media over the past 15 years. Read all about us in just a few examples of the articles below.


“The payoff for independent agents: a 50% commission split, plus steep discounts.”

“This year, Global Travel’s sales may exceed $120 million, vaulting it within hailing distance of the top 50 travel agencies. Its agents do business with many of the biggest names in travel, from Club Med to Avis, from Holiday Inn to Walt Disney Travel. It is also a member of the major trade organizations that oversee the sale of airline tickets, cruises and various other travel packages.”


“Alison Beels, a 26-year-old publicist and Global Travel agent from Manhattan, says she steers colleagues to Global Travel, including a few who made honeymoon arrangements last summer. “Just because I do it part-time doesn’t make it any less a job, she says.”

“Forget strategic planning. Forget market research. To grow, you need a company that can respond to change and opportunity at a moment’s notice”


“ (GT) founders and co-CEOs Michael Gross and Randy Warren launched the forerunner to their current company from a dorm room at American University in Washington. Back then, neither could have imagined what had begun as an inventive way to pick up co-eds would a decade later be a $100 million empire of home-based and independent agents.”

“The Forells have found a lucrative business that not only offers them the opportunity to take discounted trips, but also brings in extra income for very little effort”


“Certainly what we would consider a high producer 90% of its Independent Agents renew every year”

“If you travel frequently, save money by becoming your own travel agent.”


“It’s a chance to take charge and be in control and earn money while you’re doing it.”