How to Become a Travel Agent

Be a Travel Agent

Until the advent of the Internet as a full-fledged commercial powerhouse, you could find travel agencies in countless shopping malls across the globe. Once it became easy for everyone who owned a computer to make their own travel arrangements, those engaging little travel agencies began to disappear.  Fortunately, for those of us who have dreamed of becoming a travel agent, there’s plenty of opportunities to operate your own online travel agency thanks to companies like – the travel industry leader. expert staff is dedicated to training and supporting the world’s most successful independent travel agents.

Why an Independent Travel Agent has the Edge over Kayak, Priceline, and Online Booking Firms

Although many consumers believe they can get the best deals by turning to one of the giant online travel-booking firms, they are mistaken. While those companies do offer excellent rates, as a member of a you can get lower rates directly from providers. Furthermore, unless you are an expert, it’s nearly impossible to navigate all the blackout dates, most economical travel times or the hidden discounts. As a highly trained independent travel agent, you can offer your clients the keys to the travel kingdom! And you’ll know exactly how to offer the best deals and fully supported by team of travel industry experts.

How Helps You Become a Travel Agent

In business for more than 22 years, is the 54th largest Travel Agency in the U.S and America’s #1 home-based travel Agent Network. More than 400,000 members have joined since 1994 and there are currently more than 40,000 members in 65 counties.  Our members save money and make money from booking hotels, cruises, vacation, and car rentals.

Because is staffed with seasoned travel experts, the company understands the needs of independent travel agents. also knows that today many people need to work from home for a number of compelling reasons.  Consequently, has customized its online resources to give home-based travel professionals exactly what they need to succeed, including industry-leading marketing support.  No other enterprise offers more comprehensive support than, allowing you to maximize your profits while taking away the headaches.

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