18 Oct Big Family Vacations Don’t Have to Be Stressful

You knew when the two of you decided to keep having children that live with a large family can be more rewarding – but logistically also more challenging as well as expensive.

Everything from taking the family to the movies to chauffeuring all of the kids to their soccer and baseball games takes more planning and scheduling. And vacations are no exceptions.

Yet, by following these simple suggestions, vacations can become as memorable as the rest of living life with a large family – and within a travel budget, you can afford.


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1—Choose resorts and hotels with programs for kids the same ages as your children.

Look for a wide array of children’s and teens’ clubs at one hotel – preferably programs that cater to multiple age groups. [1]

For example, Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont offers ski lessons for kids as young as 3 years. Among the many other activities for children: dog sledding and ice skating in the winter, and swimming lessons and hiking in the summer. Teens can enjoy climbing, kayaking, zip lining, or the onsite rope obstacle course.

2—Stick together – but not every minute of every day.

Younger kids especially may want to spend all their vacation time with their parents. But the parents, as well as teens, want to enjoy some activities that are not for the little ones. The solution is to choose a destination with things to do for both — and split up for a short time every day or so.

For instance, London is famous for its world-class theater, and mom and dad may want to see a play for grown-ups one afternoon. If there is an older teen who is responsible and trustworthy, he or she can take the little ones to the London Aquarium while mom and dad enjoy London theater.

The majority of the time, however, you will want the family to do things together, as it’s a pleasure to spend time with your kids while they are still young enough to want to do so.

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3—Save money with an “all inclusive” for larger families.

An “all inclusive” means everything you do at the resort or hotel is covered by one up-front package price with no extra charges. And certain hotels offer all-inclusive packages for large families, with a second room included. This can give you significant savings over hotels where you have to pay full price for an extra room to accommodate all your children. [2]

4—Stay somewhere other than a hotel.

A rented home or condo is often less expensive than a week’s stay in a hotel. And there are more bedrooms and often a family room, giving you adequate living and sleeping space so you’re not on top of one another. In a rental or condo, you will also a kitchen, allowing you to save more money by cooking your meals.

5—How to beat the high cost of flying.

Answer: Pick destinations within driving distance. To make this comfortable, own or rent a vehicle with three rows of seats, such as an SUV or minivan, which can carry up to 8 people.

Warning: Though you may have the stamina to drive a 12-hour trip straight through, it may be wearing on your kids, and their complaints can also irritate you. So consider breaking the drive up into two days with an overnight stop at a decent hotel with a pool – lots of kids will consider that stayover to be part of the vacation fun.

6—Take a family-friendly cruise.

Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, and Carnival all have cruised with great kid programs. [3] Activities for youngsters on cruises can include mini-water parks and slides, swimming pools, rock climbing, movies, talent shows, basketball, karaoke, teen-only nightclubs, mini-golf, and arcades, to name just a few. [4]

7–A word of caution about passports.

If you lose your passport, you can’t return to the U.S. until you get a temporary replacement from the U.S. embassy, a process that is not always quick nor easy.

For this reason, large families may want to focus their overseas vacation plans on countries where you do not need a passport such as in the Caribbean.

In nations where a passport is required, take simple steps to avoid misplacing them. If the country does not require you to carry them on you, store passports in your hotel room’s safe. Amazon.com sells zippered holders that can carry multiple passports. [1]

large family


8—Money-saving tip: become an Independent Travel Agent.

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But, even if you have no interest in making extra money as a part-time travel agent, get travel agent certification anyway!

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