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An excellent method of marketing travel is to your sphere of influence (SOI). Social media is the best way (but not the only) to marketing to your sphere of influence. Currently, social media really is the epicenter of your sphere of influence. The reason why your SOI is the most valuable target for you as a travel seller is because you have the greatest influence with these people. Now through the medium of Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter you can attract followers, and market to your friends and family.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
You can use your personal page on Facebook as a powerful marketing tool. Your friends and family purchase a massive amount of travel and you have to establish yourself as their preferred vendor of travel. Sometimes the smallest post like: “Just helped a client book their family cruise to Bahamas for an incredible discount” helps your friends and family understand that you’re in the business off travel and saving people money on travel.

FB Groups: Another great way to market your services is through Facebook groups, there are Facebook groups for a variety of different topics from neighborhood groups, to buy/sell groups, to city groups and religious groups. While some of these groups prohibit any type of solicitation – others are great places to run ResMax or cruise travel deals. We urge you to use graphics in all your travel promotions, as this really enhances your post and gains maximum credibility / visibility.

Your Personalized GTI ResMax™ Website
A great way to market yourself is by marketing your personalized GTI ResMax website. By promoting this url you can easily send your clients to discover deals on your website. Remember, that currently any travel booked on your ResMax website must have a commission tracking form associated with them.

For more information on marketing yourself see our getting started video on Building your Personal Marketing Plan or our Continuing Education Class entitled: “Selling Travel To Your Sphere of Influence”