18 Oct Can’t Ski? Here’s 8 Things You Can Do On the Trip!

Family or friends persuade you into coming along with them on their ski trip.

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, around 7 million Americans ski. The only problem with going on a ski vacation is: You don’t. [1]


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Here are a few ways you can survive and even enjoy the trip while the rest of your group is racing down the powder:


1—Take ski lessons for beginners.

Many ski resorts offer lessons for complete novices on what they call “bunny slopes” – tiny hills that are barely a bump on the landscape.

It’s safe. Your companions will appreciate you making an effort to share in their sport. And who knows? You may find you like it!

2—Hang around the ski lodges.

Ski resorts usually have a large central room where both skiers and non-skiers can relax and socialize.

While the group is out on the slopes, you may be content to look out the window at the beautiful snow-covered mountain landscape while sitting by a roaring fire and sipping a hot toddy.

3—Enjoy the sports you do like.

Many ski resorts offer more than just skiing. Other athletic activities can include ice skating, snowshoeing, tubing, snowboarding, sleigh rides, bobsledding, snowmobiling, paragliding, indoor swimming, putting greens, squash, tennis, even bowling. So you don’t have to be a couch potato all of the time you are there.

At some resorts you can go dog sledding, with  sleds pulled by Alaskan huskies. You can also try the relatively new activity of snow scooting, which is riding a modified scooter in the snow.

Some have well-equipped gyms with saunas and spas. For instance, Montage Deer Valley ski resort in Park City, UT has a massive 35,000-square-foot spa complex complete with copper soaking tubs, redwood saunas, and deluge showers. [2]

4—That’s entertainment!

Many larger ski resorts bring in a variety of entertainment including singers, small bands, comediennes, magicians, and hypnotists. Some also have movie nights.

5—Take a drive into town.

Many ski resorts are located close to bustling towns and cities that are packed with sights to see and activities to do.

Park City, already mentioned, has more than a hundred restaurants plus a number of bars and clubs featuring live music.

6—Shop till you drop.

In addition, lots of ski resorts are in towns that are a shopper’s paradise.

For instance, in Aspen, Colorado, you can shop at outlets for such upscale brands as Burberry, Gucci, Prada, and Ralph Lauren.

Breckenridge, Colorado’s Victorian buildings house more than 200 stores including clothing boutiques, sporting goods outlets, souvenir T-shirt shops, and even a wig shop. [3]

7—Star gaze.

At high altitudes the clear mountain air can give you a breathtaking view of the stars at night.

At ski resorts in the northern hemisphere – Canada, Norway, and northern Scotland – you can often view the spectacular light show of the Aurora Borealis. [4]


Some ski resorts offer helicopter rides to give you a bird’s eye view of their spectacular snow-covered mountains. This is popular at ski resorts in Verbier, Switzerland, where the flight can give you unparalleled views of the Swiss Alps.

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