Why Global Travel?

  • Want a flexible schedule?
  • Love to travel?
  • Need extra income?
  • Want to stay home with the kids?

Regardless of the reason you want to be in this business, we want to assure you, GlobalTravel.com should be your partner.

Starting a home business has gone from the wave of the future to the norm. People want to be their own bosses and have a flexible schedule for a variety of reasons – gas money alone is a reason enough for many. GlobalTravel.com brings you the perfect opportunity to transform your life through the combination of the speed of the internet and the power of our position in the travel industry, multiplied by the best compensation plan to provide you with the most dynamic home-based business.

In order to attract and retain clients, a home-based travel agent must have a competitive advantage in the market. This means you need the tools necessary to offer your customers superior service, products, and value – all in a timely manner. You also must possess the ability to market your business so it will grow and generate profits. Last, but certainly not least, you probably want to enjoy the industry you’re in and be able to take advantage of the opportunity to travel at discounted rates. globaltravel.com has bundled the products, technology and services to provide you, the home-based travel agent, with all you need.

GlobalTravel.com has worked with and supported independent contractors since our inception in 1994. We understand the needs of independent travel agents and people who want to work from home. We are continuously developing cutting-edge products to increase your chances of success. Nobody offers you more comprehensive technology and support than globaltravel.com. Now you can make money in the travel industry utilizing the power of the internet from the convenience of home.


  • GlobalTravel.com was co-founded in 1994 by Randall J. Warren, Chairman, and Michael A. Gross, President.
  • GlobalTravel.com is a privately-owned, Orlando, Florida-based travel company in its 22nd year of business.
  • GlobalTravel.com has surpassed $129 million in annual sales.
  • GlobalTravel.com provides all of the necessary resources for anyone to become an independent travel agent, from people looking for part-time work that provides flexibility and extra income to full-time agents formerly with brick-and-mortar travel agencies.
  • GlobalTravel.com offers personalized service, steep travel discounts, and opportunities for consumers to earn income by booking travel for their friends, family, and business associates.
  • GlobalTravel.com offers the highest commissions and referral bonuses.
  • GlobalTravel.com specializes in cruises, vacation packages, business travel, group and incentive trips, and more.
  • GlobalTravel.com has tens of thousands of Independent Travel Agents in 50 states and 85 countries.
  • GlobalTravel.com invests significantly in technology and provides all the necessary resources to ensure its members are successful.