Global Travel

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CYBER WEEK SALE: Get an EXTRA $25 Gift Card + a 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation. Expires 12/1!

CYBER SALE: Get an EXTRA $25 Gift Card + a 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation. Expires TODAY!

Why Choose Us

At our core, we’re like the matchmakers of the travel world, bringing travel agents and suppliers together for unforgettable journeys.

We’re not your run-of-the-mill company – we’re the perfect blend of marketing and technology. We’re here to give travel agencies the keys to success with comprehensive training and the best deals on travel.

As the travel industry takes its twists and turns, were like the trendsetters who keep up with all the latest moves. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of what the modern travel pro craves. Our secret sauce? A fresh approach that’s all about flexible solutions for travel agency owners, helping them craft the perfect recipe for success.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey with a team that’s as fun as it is professional, you’ve come to the right place. Your adventure in the world of travel starts here!

The Benefits

Flexible Schedule

Our technology gives you the ability to run your business from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, you make your own hours, so you can determine a schedule that works best for your lifestyle.

Travel the World

Why wait until retirement to travel? As a Global Travel agent, you will have access to discounts and special Travel agent perks like inaugural sailings and FAM trips, so you can start your own travel agency and travel the world now!

Make Extra Income $$$

Earn commission selling land tours, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, travel insurance, rental cars, cruises and more.

Work-from-home Parent

Don't feel stuck choosing between a career and a family. Global Travel provides the flexibility to make money while never missing an important family activities and milestones.


What Agents Say About Us

"My experience was very pleasant. Deborah was wonderful to work with and explained the different plans and options in a very thorough and easy to understand manner. I really enjoyed talking and working with her. I would highly recommend this service for someone who loves to make travel plans."
"The Customer Service has been great. I was offered great training and just all around helpful."

Latasha W.
"I have to tell you I didn't know what to expect! But what a pleasant surprise, Deborah Latour was amazing! Answered all of my questions, and pointed me in the right direction...several times! Love you Deborah and Global Travel!"
Bob S.