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CYBER WEEK SALE: Get an EXTRA $25 Gift Card + a 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation. Expires 12/1!

CYBER SALE: Get an EXTRA $25 Gift Card + a 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation. Expires TODAY!

Offer Terms and Conditions

“Rezervco, LLC DBA, Rezervco, LLC, herein after referred to as”

  1. You have elected to apply and enroll in the Independent Travel Agent program.
  2. Your initial payment and any subsequent payments will be billed today and in the future under the payment offer disclosed to you at checkout to the method of payment you have supplied to us.  If you have chosen a trial the fee you agreed to at checkout will be billed for your trial period.  At the expiration of your trial we will extend your membership monthly or annually as disclosed to you and agreed to by you at checkout.
  3. You will have fourteen calendar days from the date of your enrollment certification to evaluate and test the program risk-free. If at any point in time during these first fourteen calendar days you wish to cancel, you may do so without penalty and all monies paid against membership charges will be refunded. In addition, you will not be responsible for fulfilling the remaining term of the agreement. If you choose to cancel during this period, you must call or go online to’s Member Services Department during these first fourteen days and request cancellation.   You will be given a cancellation confirmation number or customer service ticket number with your cancellation request. You agree that your membership will not be canceled until you receive such number. If, after the fourteen day period has expired and you still wish to cancel your membership, you may do so and we will discontinue future billing.  We will be unable to refund any monies paid at that time. 
  4. If you do not cancel during the first fourteen calendar days, we will assume you have elected to continue in the GLOBALTRAVEL.COM Independent Travel Agent Program and your contract will continue under the membership terms and conditions.
  5. The Premium Item or Free Gift included in your offer is available to GLOBALTRAVEL.COM Independent Travel Agents only. By accepting the Premium Item or Free Gift, you agree to be bound by the supplying party’s Terms and Conditions for redemption of the Premium Item or Free Gift. You will receive your Premium Item or Free Gift 4 to 6 weeks after your membership has been validated. If you elect to cancel your GLOBALTRAVEL.COM Independent Travel Agent Membership, the Premium Item or Free Gift will be retained by GLOBALTRAVEL.COM and GLOBALTRAVEL.COM will not be obligated to send you anything further.
  6. You also agree to be bound by GLOBALTRAVEL.COM’s Membership Terms and Conditions, which may be modified from time to time at GLOBALTRAVEL.COM’s sole discretion. These Terms and Conditions will be included in your Membership materials, and may also be accessed anytime at
  7. By submitting your personal information, you understand and agree to this offer.